Winter Drawing Spot


For the last few weeks, as the cold weather has set in, we’ve been drawing downtown INDOORS at Eclection. Debbie, my drawing friend, and I enjoyed this spot all last winter. We’ve been delighted by the new addition to their space.  The front area has been transformed into a lounge area for all the wine tastings they have. This wall is an amazing feast to the eyes! Old doors, shutters, windows and frames have somehow been tacked up on the entire wall area.


Little shelves here and there hold various items for sale from the artisan booths that pack the inside part of the store. As I sat and drew this wall, the cute red tea kettle lamp kept speaking to me. Had I just walked in and then out of the shop, I could’ve resisted it’s “Buy me” whispers, but sitting there drawing every line and curve, the voice got louder yet sweeter–“I’m supposed to be yours,” “Won’t I be perfect in your light blue kitchen?,” etc. Chris, the owner of Eclection, pointed out that it has three light settings as you touch the kettle…very cool! And so, the red tea kettle lamp came home with me and seems ever so happy to be atop the cabinets in my kitchen. I’ll draw it for you soon!

We didn’t draw yesterday, of course. Our family put up our Christmas tree and all the decorations. Now the lights outside need tending to! So much fun! We also watched one of my favorite movies, Holiday Inn. I’d love to live in that house!! Too bad it’s probably only a film set.

I hope you all are enjoying time with family, a few days off from work, and maybe some extra creative time!

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  1. freebirdsings says:

    My comment didn’t post and now I’ve lost it. Ah well, I was saying I can’t wait to see a drawing of your red pot in it’s new spot in it’s new home! It’s nice you have a warm spot to draw at with your friend.

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