Wonder in the Weeds

Genevieve is combing through the weeds of her life (see this post here) to find wonders untold! Won’t you join her?

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0 thoughts on “Wonder in the Weeds

  1. Timaree says:

    It makes me think of childhood and the lack of allowed “bored time” kids get today. How many kids used to find wonders in the grass and weeds when they were allowed to get bored and laze around the yard for a while?

  2. LouAnn DiMarco says:

    I love Genevieve wondering in the weeds. The color, the fun, the expectation. Getting messy. How inviting it looks. The blog about Genevieve in the weeds made me stop and think. Your words are so true. If we search, we will find Him. Thank you for the reminder. I’ve got to purchase a few of this one. I’d like to get your words too. A testimony and a reminder for me. I really enjoyed this. Thank you, Jennifer!

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