Wonder in Wood & Wool

What would be the chance

that the wood from which my spinning wheels were made

is the very same wood

from which the manger was crafted –

in which He was laid

as a babe in swaddling cloth?

Is it silly to imagine

that the very table of the Last Supper

might have been hewn

from the same logs

my looms were made?

Could it be possible

that the very wood of my knitting needles

was splintered and sanded

from the same tree

upon which my Savior was hung?

And when I spin with wool from fleece

dare I delight in

being His sheep?

Could I secretly spin a yarn

that connects the Lamb of God

to the wool in my hands?

Would I be allowed to imagine

this humble work with wool

as Royal work

since the King Himself was swathed

in spun and woven threads

from the manger to the tomb?

Is this folly I ask? (though not out loud!)

I shall treasure my thoughts

in the fluff of fleece

and continue to spin, knit and weave

in the wonder of wood and wool.

**A non-poem from thoughts that were galavanting around my studio this Advent morning. ❤️

8 thoughts on “Wonder in Wood & Wool

  1. Rosemary Mock says:

    Your centering thoughts reflect thoughts I have had… not of looms and wool but of love and light within our being! Without the Christ center we are but dust! ❤️

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