Yarn Confection

Every time I go to Harris Teeter, I see these plastic ice cream “cups” in the frozen section. And each time, I’m dying to buy one to make a yarn-ice-cream-confection. I’ve been looking for an excuse to give this as a gift to one of my yarn friends…and recently, I had the perfect excuse, or reason, rather:) I gave my friend a ball of fun yarn that has several different strands of color and texture, along with a size H crochet hook…you can never have too many H hooks…mine get lost all the time (where they go, I have no idea!). Of course, the ball of yarn is the “ice cream” and the hook (or knitting needles) is the “straw”. Wrap it in cellophane , attach a card and voila! The perfect gift for a “yarnie”. You could also stick a rolled-up pattern down in the yarn as the straw. So much fun!

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  1. sylvie says:

    Thank you for this beautiful aquarelle! I can feel the atmosphère in each one. The palette is harmonius , the light is like sunshine!
    I will come again!!!!

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