I was working on this at a recent Knitting Workshop I lead at Knit One Smock Too…and one of the ladies said,”Your mom must love you to give you such yummy yarn!” I heartily agreed and every time I wear it, I think how much my mom must love me. This is the Baby Alpaca Grande by Plymouth Yarn. You absolutely must touch this yarn to truly appreciate it! It is extra soft and the colors it comes in are equally “delicious”. The bolero pattern is very simple: 2 x 2 ribbing, then 1 x 1, then 2 x 2 again. Sew up two short seams and voila! Snuggly, wuggly comfort and elegance. If you give this yarn to anyone, they will know you love them!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I realized the other day that I haven’t visited your blog for a whil and wanted to see and read what you’ve been up to. As usual, I was throughly entertained and I love looking at all of your wonderful designs! Christy A.

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