Here’s an example of how one idea or pattern sparks another idea…my previous poncho, crocheted in Noro Silk Garden and modifying poncho pattern, led me to wonder if I could change yarns and then add a collar at the top. Bingo!! This is my favorite! I had purchased two balls of exquisite yarn this summer from Laura’s Yarntastic up in Boone, and it was nothing but approx. 8 yarns that had been attached by knots together into one long string of yarn rolled into a ball. Mind you, they were lovely yarns that had been pre-chosen for the purchaser, but I just kept on adding my own leftover yarns to the mix. I also switched up the stitch–stockinette here, garter there…put a roll-up edge to it along with a collar and voila! I’ve been using these light ribbons to tie them up the side…perhaps I’ll look for something a bit more substantial, but for now I like the difference in texture they provide. I have one more poncho idea and then I should probably give ponchos a rest…although, my daughter would look oh so cute in one, and maybe my sister would like one…:)

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