A Desk Saga–in 4 Parts


Part One

A friend who came to visit yesterday asked…’ummm…is this the umm…same cleaned up desk you posted on Instagram just a couple of weeks ago? < Meep.>

Yes. Unfortunately. I have this ongoing tussle with the surface of my desk.  Many moons ago, my husband refinished this old teacher’s desk which  looked nearly black with its years of dirt and grime.  He discovered it was made from a gorgeous tiger oak. I remember our awe as the swirled and striped golden wood came to life.  I know he cringes when he sees (or DOESN’T see) this desk…in its present state (which  might be called “usual”), you wouldn’t be able to tell it was made of wood, much less of tiger oak!


I have drawn and painted this desk so many times throughout the years. Perhaps it has become a symbol of my life…a microcosm of all that makes up my life:  there’s my ukulele, pics of my children and husband, a basket of yarns for soon-to-be-made projects, a print of Genevieve crocheting, a pottery box I made filled with stuff I just know I need to keep, books currently being read…or not, files of important papers, receipts, kid’s stuff, a huge pile of important papers that have yet to be filed, my sock box, my ipad, speakers for playing music from the ipad, another pile of stuff I need to tend to sooner than the other larger pile, a pile of fabric projects I’d like to get to, a cool ceramic jar that looks like a paint can which a student at my school gave me, pinwheels, pinwheels, and more pinwheels (can you tell I love pinwheels?) a birthday balloon that apparently NEVER loses its air, my Origami Shrug I wear when I’m chilly, and another pottery jar I made holding markers and pens, and oh golly yet another pottery jar holding beads, knitting needles, etc.


**I’ll not divulge what’s underneath it, or stacked around it.  You get the idea.

…to be continued. 🙂

0 thoughts on “A Desk Saga–in 4 Parts

  1. Suzanne O. says:

    This all looks very familiar to myself……. maybe not easy to understand for a non-creative person! Sometimes I envy people who need nothing else than a pencil and a sketchbook! As I often create in the dining-room I generally try to clean up a bit when I am expecting a visitor.
    I like to have a look at all the yummy things on your desk – they are just the mirror of the rich creative life you are leading- so much fun non creative persons have no ideas about….

  2. bmweeks says:

    Ha! Great post and I admire your bravery! I don’t know if I’d post a picture of mine even if I could find the camera. I know it’s here somewhere!!

    • jenpedwards says:

      Ha! Brave? I dunno. Maybe “desperate” is more the word! It does seem that in this messy desk business, I am not alone! 🙂 thanks for visiting Barbara!

  3. Timaree says:

    Yes, so far so good. Looks like mine. I sure wish I could find stuff but since we moved from AZ and I stuffed stuff everywhere I just can’t seem to find what I need so I am waiting to see what you do when you need to work on a project or need to find something that is somewhere on, near or under that desk! Sometimes I don’t even get to my work because it’s easier to play another computer game than it is to find some space. Oh, I do clean it off periodically but it doesn’t last but a few days at best. So yep, I am waiting for the …..rest of the story!

  4. Ann says:

    Luv it! Misery loves company – except that I suspect neither of us is miserable – my work space is much the same. It will demand and get my attention soon. Always fun when it does too, I find all sort of misplaced treasures! Enjoy!

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