When one knits for a bit, one’s fingers begin to itch for crochet!  Well, at least this is true for Genevieve.  AND, if one can crochet or knit OUTSIDE…well, that’s just heaven! And we’ve been having some lovely weather for outdoor knitting and crocheting and drawing and…:)

0 thoughts on “Drawn2Crochet

  1. Caatje says:

    I just love these drawings of yours. So colorful and happy.It also makes me smile how you have a solution to the question of what to choose. To knit or to draw, well…just make a drawing about knitting!

  2. Timaree says:

    I love the added detail of a granny square crochet bag! I used to crochet afghans but haven’t crocheted anything in years now. Crocheting was my first real craft. A ball of thread, a book of doily patterns and a needle didn’t cost much and it gave me hours and hours of working time back when I was a teenager and young adult. I even traded a couple of doilies for a set of pots and pans with my sister when I was filling my hope chest!

    Your painting brings back many fun memories!

  3. Suzanne says:

    I wish I could do both! I bet this is perfect weather for taking these hobbies outside, though my backyard is now home to mosquitos. Hope they haven’t made it yours and Genevieve’s way yet!

    • jenpedwards says:

      Mosquitos are not too bad yet, Suzanne. I saw an advertisement for this clip-on thingy that is supposed to repel mosquitos, etc. Wonder if it works?

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