More Hats…

Let’s take a break from my series on Type 1 Diabetes: My Journey.  The hat craze continues…two cotton hats, one knitted, the other crocheted.  A bit of back story for each of them:  the knitted watermelon hat on the right is made from a Susan Anderson free pattern.  Susan B. Anderson is one of my favorite knitters/designers/bloggers! Check out all her websites!  The hat is intended to be for one of my sister’s daughters who  turned three last weekend!

The crocheted hat is a big-sister hat.  In the previous hat post I mentioned that the baby hat and blanket is for a friend.  She already has a son and daughter who are so excited about their soon-to-be-born baby sister!  So, I had five of the inner circles leftover from the blanket.  Instead of creating the hexagon shaped final round, I decided to make them square and fashion them into a cute hat for the big sister.  Now I’m working on the big-brother hat, omitting the pinks!

I’m also very excited that Knit Wits is starting back up again!  This was a group of knitter/crocheters who used to meet at the old location of Shakespeare & Co. in Kernersville.  We will begin meeting again on Friday mornings from 10 am to noon. If any of you yarnies out there would like to join us, please do so!  Shakespeare & Co. is a wonderful book shop, coffee cafe in a beautiful new location downtown.  Our “motto” is taken from a  Shakespeare play called Pericles:

“When peers thus knit, a kingdom ever stands.”   Yes, indeed!

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