Portrait #14: Moi


I can see!!!!  Really! I got a new pair of glasses last week, and I can see so much I couldn’t before!! This is my first pair of “progressive lenses”.

Hmmm…  Progressive?  Well, if growing older means I’m progressing, then so be it! It took a couple of days before the fishbowl feel went away, but now I can see clear as a bell far away, mid-distances, AND up close!!  That last one is the key, since for over a year now, I’ve been playing the on-again-off-again game with my glasses.  Or peering over or under them to see something up close.  Now I’m trying to break that habit!! Because I can see perfectly well from the bottom portion of my new glasses!

Oh, and I looovee the style too!  They are red, rectangular, and have a lovely scrollwork along the sides which you can’t see here.  Perhaps I’ll paint a profile portrait so you can see the ivy scrollwork.  And the VERY BEST part of it is that the frames cost me ONLY $40!!  Can you believe it?? Here in K’Vegas, we have a place called the Eyeglass Supermart where all designer frames are $40, with the exception of a few that are $80.  Mine were the first pair I tried on and came back to after trying on many others.  They were my favorites!  If you’re a local, be sure to check out the Eyeglass Supermart at Kernersville Eye Associates.  Bill West, the optometrist, and his wife Patty will fix you up right! I got my eyes checked and everything there for a very reasonable price! You don’t have to have your eyes checked there…you can just bring in your prescription and they will take care of it from there!

It really does give you a new look on life! 🙂

0 thoughts on “Portrait #14: Moi

  1. Nancy Tasker says:

    Great glasses! It makes a huge difference to be able to see without constantly putting them on and taking them off! nancy

  2. Linda says:

    very fun – love it! I tried progressives but they didn’t work for me – So I still do the on and off thing, finding my reading glasses for close work, or taking them off to get that squinty effect without squinting!

    • jenpedwards says:

      Hey Cathy, maybe you could post a portrait of yourself in your new glasses, so I could see them! Hope they work great for you!

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