Stealth Drawing


She never knew someone was drawing her sitting at her post, eyes peeled to activity in the lake at Hanging Rock. Had she known, she might have stayed still for me to finish the drawing…hence there are no legs.


These ladies, however, stayed put for quite a while, standing in pretty much the same position albeit punctuated by hand motions, turns of the head, and brief bending down to tell their child something. Still, I had to draw quickly  since I had no idea when they would go in different directions.


And these folks were directly in front of me. I tried to be as unobvious as I could, but at some point the lady looking more my direction began to wonder. I finished up, so as not to appear sneaky or like I was spying on them. Still, I enjoy these little quick dashes of a day my family spent at the lake. I’m still not comfortable with “public” drawing…I’m too worried that those I am drawing will be offended or uncomfortable. I’d like to get over this, to draw confidently in any setting, and be ok with others knowing I’m drawing and even be ok if they talk to me about what I’m drawing.  No fear!  Well, I’d like to…

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  1. Art is for the Making says:

    These are great. The dark lines add to the stealth feeling, almost like x-ray vision like the ads in back of comic books used to advertise.

    I draw in public all the time, but my subjects are usually flowers and not people, so it’s less intimidating.

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