Two Sides of Me

I suppose we all realize we are multi-faceted, with opposing likes and dislikes sometimes living harmoniously inside, and othertimes warring against each other.  I’m often troubled by these different aspects of my own personality (I mean, really, can’t I just be simple and straightforward, liking ONE kind of art, ONE kind of music, ONE style of clothing, ONE kind of lifestyle, etc.).  It sure seems like it would be SO much simpler! and easier on my family and use of time and money!  But just like the warring desire for handbags that “speak” to the different sides of me (posted here), so I am with my own art AND, I’m finding out, with ukuleles!!  Oi!

As many of you know, I’ve been enjoying learning to play my new ukulele.  My parents gave me a birthday gift a month or so early.  I love the sound of the concert size Lanikai: warm, mellow tones and a little on the soft side in terms of volume.  When I first thought about having a ukulele, I wanted one that sounded closer to a classical guitar and indeed, that’s what I got–just lovely.  I was talking to my dad on the phone one day about how pretty sounding this uke is…its  mellow, quiet sound.  To this he replied, “Perfect for  my mellow, quiet daughter.” (Aw… thanks dad.)

But recently, the fam & I went to an outdoor concert of one of my favorite North Carolina groups, the Mad Tea Party out of Asheville, NC.  It was great!  My husband and I had seen this group several years ago at Guilford College opening for the Wailin’ Jennys and we were hooked on both groups!  The really fun thing about the Mad Tea Party is that the lead girl, Ami Worthen, plays the ukulele!  And a uke that has flames painted on it, no less!!  My inner funky girl lit up like a light and wished for a funkier, smaller ukulele.  So for my birthday (July 29th), my husband and kids gave me a Kala Kiwi Soprano ukulele!!  Tee Hee!  Isn’t it cute????

Actually, my drawing does not reflect the petite size…the kiwi is indeed smaller than the concert.  The kiwi also has a twangier, brighter sound of a ukulele, with a good bit more volume to it.  And IT’S MY FAVORITE COLORRRRR!!!!!  Yum!  What’s a girl to do??  Just like my handbags, I guess I have to have a ukulele to fit every side of me:)  Though, hopefully, this will be it for some time!  One for the classical, traditional, mellow side and one for the funky, silly, colorful side.  I think of it as the adult vs. the kid in me.  Not that the adult side is bad at all!!  I really do like a classic linen wardrobe, practical things, classical music and charcoal drawings, predictable days, etc.  But I ALSO love to wear twirly skirts, bright colors, paint abstract paintings, draw with crayons, make stuff, and enjoy serendipitous happenings (only good ones of course:).

Even in writing a post like this, the two sides of me chatter.  One side says this is far too self-revealing and self-centered, preferring to remain aloof, controlled, and steady.  But the other side would love to enter a room with a leap and a bound and sing, “Ta-dah” as I strum on the ukulele!  This is the perfect ukulele to do just that, don’t you think?

I have informed my husband that this ukulele is just a gateway purchase:)  My lifelong desire to own a VW bug should be just around the corner, don’t you think? (To which he nervously laughs!)  The box that my kiwi came in, had this logo on it!  Ha!  Proof that it’s written in the stars that I shall, one day (perhaps when I’m 70!) drive around a lime green VW bug. (I DID use a lime green watercolor crayon here…it looks like yellow on my computer screen.  Oh well, a yellow one would be fine too!)

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  1. Mom says:

    I hate to inform you that the “car” thingy looks more like those old Jeeps with the wood siding that were all the rage in the mid-60’s when your Mom and Dad were dating at “The Lost Colony”. The “old” means they were “retro” by the 60’s – so I guess that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is also at work here.

    • jenpedwards says:

      Yeah, I know, I know…it ISN”T technically a VW bug, but I’m seeing the image with “artist’s eyes”! It can be whatever I’d like it to be, right? I currently drive an ole beat up wagon…but it isn’t lime green!! Thanks for stopping by Mom!

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